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Learn academic vocabulary, grammar, complex text, and more with a video game!

For Grades 2-5 — Word Raider: Escape

For Grades 6 & Up — Word Raider: Quest

The game is great for advanced vocabulary, especially since students see an animation of what the word means, they can make a more visual, verbal, and kinesthetic connection to new words.

– Gloria Ramirez - K-5 Teacher, Soaring Heights Leadership Academy, Texas

I would have my native english speakers play this game to practice sentence structure and word meaning.

– Charlene Farnworth, Bonneville Elementary School, Utah

I liked that the game made me think about using the word in so many different ways—finding the definition; matching the spoken word to the written word; using the words in context.

– Lesley Keyes, Temecula Valley High School, CA

[Student’s] were collaborating with each other so that they could understand the word or get the question right. In addition, they were on task the whole time they were working.

– Janice Bouhaja, Monterey Peninsula Unified School District, CA